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Grey Quinces Book Purge! Fifty free books if you want 'em.

Today I watched Grey Gardens, the new one with Drew Barrymore and Jessica Lange. It was quite moving and the performances were superb. The Beales women were intensely, wonderfully weird and I loved them. I very much want to see the documentary. There's plenty more to say about the movie, but it'll keep. One urgent, uncomfortable feeling the thing inspired in me was the desire to clean my fucking room. I'm committed to squashing my hoarding habit and tendencies toward squalor. Jackie O ain't gonna show up and make it go away. Ok, I don't think I would necessarily get to the raccoon-harboring stage, (although I do love me some raccoons!,) but it was a reminder not to live in my stuff like a fort. What stuff do I hoard the worst? Books and clothes. Clothes, I'm working on gradually, but the books are happening now. I'm keeping the books I love, the ones I know I will want to read again, and the ones I have not read that I convinced myself I will read some day. (That's most of my books. I'm still keeping hundreds.) The rest are getting the boot. Want anything, let me know in the comments and we'll arrange a meeting. Seriously, take whatever you want. Want to take the lot, unload 'em online and make a bundle? Knock yourself out. Anything unclaimed by the end of day Tuesday is getting a free stuff post on craigslist and the remainder of that hauled to goodwill.

Ok, I lied. There are 48. In no order, sorry:

Way of Wyrd - Brian Bates
Famous American Plays of the 1930s
High King - Lloyd Alexander
Scandal - Shusako Endo
Masters of the Dew - Jacques Roumain
first Lemony Snicket book
Heart of Darkness - Conrad (lots of underlining by someones else)
How I Paid For College: A novel of sex, theft, friendship and musical theater - Marc Acito
Moo - Jane Smiley
Bartleby in Manhattan and other Essays - Elizabeth Hardwick (note: binding is completely broken; it's a two volume set now.)
Onion Girl - Charles de Lint
Adam's Navel: A Natural and Cultural History of the Human Form - Michael Sims
In the Lake of the Woods - Tim O'Brien
What Girls Learn - Karin Cook
the Plague - Camus (taped binding, but a cool 1960's cover in otherwise good shape)
Unearned Pleasures - Ursula Hegi
The Amulet of samarkand - Jonathan Stroud
Pascal's Island - Barry Unsworth
Goodbye Chunky Rice - Craig Thompson
The Oz Principle - Roger Conners; couple other dudes (gift from my company. thx but no thx)
Jennifer Government - Max Barry
Silent to the Bone - E.L. Konisburg
The War on Choice - Gloria Feldt
Monkey: Folk Novel of China - Wu Ch'eng-En, trans. Arthur Waley
The Third Life of Grange Copland - Alice Walker
Ghandi: the Traditional Roots of Charisma - Susanne Hoeber Rudolph and Lloyd I Rudolph
Sigmund Freud - question of Lay Analysis
Notes from the Underground - Dostoevsky
The Inferno - Dante, trans. John Ciardi
Beyond Belief - V.S. Naipaul
The Portable World Bible - Robert O. Ballou, ed.
Grounding for the Metaphysics of Morals - Kant (perfect beach read!)
The Loser - George Konrad, trans. Ivan Sanders
You've Got to Read This (short story anthology) - Ron Hansen, ed. and Jim Shepard, ed.
Wonderful Weekends from New York City - Marilyn Wood
When the Kissing Had to Stop - John Leonard
Soap: making it and enjoying it - Ann Bramson
Maze: solve the worlds' most challenging puzzle - Christopher Manson
Prague: A novel - Arthur Phillips
Invisible Circus - Jennifer Egan
The Nasty Bits - Anthony Bourdain
Vice Avenged: A Moral Tale - Lolah Burford (great cover illustration)
Women of the Mexican Countryside, 1850-1990 - Fowler Salmini and Vaughn
The Truth About Lorin Jones: Alison Lurie
Flying With Wings of Wax: A Biographical Novel - Eveline Hasler
Giles Goat-Boy - Jon Barth
The Best Democracy Money Can Buy - Greg Palast
The Idiot Girl's Action Adventure Club - Laurie Notaro

Let me know if you have questions about any of these, such as what's the condition, paperback or hardcover, did you read and it sucked or are you just a literary poseur, etc. (Actually a bunch of these were quite good, but didn't hit that sweet spot that makes me want to live through them again and again. Some I lied to myself about for years, claiming I would totally want to sit down with them on some lovely morning commute and dive in headfirst, (de Profundis, I'm looking at you,) but finally admitted to myself that I never will in this lifetime. And some I read and they were just heinous. If you don't want any books, feel free to play at guessing which ones are which. The prize will be...I don't know, free pants or expired batteries or something. There's gonna be a lot more purging going on!
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