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Hello LJ world! The bad news for me is that two people on my team are leaving. The good news possibly for you or someone you know? The company I've been working for since August is hiring.

Things to know: It's a small software company in Allston, MA. My team is customer service, but the sale department often needs people too.
Job description for the customer service position, (with some bits redacted):

Job Summary:

We are building a world-class client services team to take care of our amazing customers. If you are passionate about delivering exceptional service, we want you on our customer-loving, fun, curious, dedicated, and extremely hard-working team.

This position will entail helping our clients through phone, email and working through various questions and troubleshooting processes.

Ultimately your goal will be to delight our customers and send them away with greater knowledge and a smile.

Primary Responsibilities:

Responsibilities include but are not limited to the following:

  • Provide world-class service to our event organizers and attendees via phone, and email

  • Be an expert on company features and processes

  • Own customer issues and escalate to appropriate channels when needed

  • Provide instruction and tutorials about our service to existing customers

  • Represent the voice of our customers by interfacing and collaborating with other internal teams when appropriate

Desired Skill and Experience

The successful candidate must have the following experience, skills, and education:

  • Bachelors Degree or Equivalent Experience

  • Demonstrated aptitude and love of providing exceptional, detail oriented customer service

  • Embody a natural enthusiasm for resolving problems and helping people

  • Excellent written and oral communication skills and the ability to learn new technology at lightning speed

  • Stamina and focus to provide support to dozens of contacts per day with a smile.

  • Requires flexibility to provide occasional evening and weekend coverage to accommodate the needs of our fast growing client base


  • Excellent Health Benefits

  • Casual Environment

  • Catered lunch on Fridays

Not mentioned: beer on Friday, plus dedicated freezer full of ice cream.

if you are interested, please ask me anything! Anonymous commenting is enabled and filtered, if you'd like to be confidential.
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