Petra Quince (petra_quince) wrote,
Petra Quince

Goodbye, Second Circle...hello, new roommate?

It's official. Our landlord is going to stop renting out the house agoodshinkickin, jawalter and I have been living in for 11+ years (15 for them.) Deadline: Sept. 1.

Joe will be moving on, literally, to a new place. agoodshinkickin and I are pricing two-bedrooms (and quietly freaking out. But that goes with the territory.) We're also considering finding a roommate for a 3-bed, or other situations that would net us a nice, affordable living space with awesome people.

We are looking for something accessible to both Allston and Longwood Medical by public transportation - Brighton mostly, but we're definitely considering other locations.

Dear LJ friends, if you know of somewhere, or with whom, two ladies, a cat, and some ornery turtles can make a home for the next year, don't hold back!
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