Petra Quince (petra_quince) wrote,
Petra Quince


Thank you. Thank you to the campaign volunteers. Thank you to those of you who got on the phones; knocked on doors; got on a bus to New Hampshire to do something. Thank you to those who donated money to the campaign. Thank you to those of you who talked to your friends, coworkers and family. Thank you for those who wrote thoughfully. Thank you to poll workers. Thank you agoodshinkickin for getting up before dawn to work her shift at election warden, ward, bringing homemade signs and self-purchased candy and stickers. Thank you for voting. Thank you to those who got up early to stand in line for hours to vote. Thank you to those who voted even though you're disenchanted with politics, even though you don't think it will make a difference. It will. Thank you to everyone and anyone who had a hand in electing Barack Obama the next president of the United States of America. Yes.

The country may not immediately transition into an episode of the West Wing. Some truly heartbreaking battles were lost over ballot initiatives in certain states last night. But there'e reason to believe now that denying people their rights can and will be successfully challenged. It's not over.

I'm letting out a breath I've been holding for eight years. Thank you.
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