Petra Quince (petra_quince) wrote,
Petra Quince

Phoenix lays an egg

Dear Boston Phoenix editors,

I was excited to read the "Trail of Tunes" feature about outdoor music festivals in the Phoenix Summer Guide (June 12-18 issue.) After all, when a headline references the Trail of Tears, you know it's going to rock! What says summer fun like the forced exodus that led to the death of at least 4,000 Cherokees? Just the thought of all that misery and injustice makes me want to grab the picnic hamper and head to Connecticut for some smooth jazz. Hey, I thought of some other notable events in American history that, with a bit of imagination, may inspire other kicky Phoenix headlines: Japanese internment camps; the Stonewall riots; lynch mobs; Jim Crow; Tailhook. You're welcome!

No love,
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